L1 Design and Visual Communication - Full Year - 2022

Course: Design and Visual Communication (NCEA L1 - DVC)

Course Overview

This course is entry level into design that has a focus on learning how to design and how to present developed outcomes using a range of techniques like freehand, rendering, CAD and instrumental working drawings. NCEA L1 Assignments require the learner to research given problems and find solutions that are a best fit and then communicate the function and aesthetics in a visual manner. The skills and techniques required to visually communicate developed outcomes learnt at year 10 will be enhanced to the expectations required at year 11 Note Design and design modification is something that everybody is doing all the time. This course is extremely relevant to anyone aspiring to progress to higher forms of learning like Tertiary, Trades, Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering or just being an inventor or innovator. https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/subjects/graphics-dvc/levels/ The work centres around finding solutions to given problems. Skills and techniques involved include: freehand sketching, instrumental drawings, both orthographic and pictorial (3rd angle and isometric/Oblique) Presentation quality, rendering techniques This course leads into Level 2 DVC

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Amanda Beukes

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Ki ora, I love design and drawing! I've been blessed to be teaching technology and design for over a decade. I have 2 young children and reside in the beautiful North Canterbury.

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Course Details

Rendering to show tone and material
Use the characteristics of designer to inform design ideas
Freehand drawing to show aesthetics and function of a design idea
Use CAD to show their design idea in a Paraline drawing method

Background in year 10 DVC, Art and or Hard Materials Technology.
TinkerCAD, Google Sketch Up, Floor Planner, Google Suite, Powerpoint or Google Slides, Scanning/Photographing work
School Year
08 Feb 2022
24 Nov 2022

NCEA Level 1
Standard No * Standard title credit value internal/external
91063 v3 Produce freehand sketches that communicate design ideas. 3 E
91065 v5 Produce instrumental paraline drawings to communicate design ideas 3 E
91066 v4 Use rendering techniques to communicate the form of design ideas. 3 I
91067 v5 Use the work of an influential designer to inform design ideas 3 I
91064 v5 Produce instrumental, multi-view orthographic drawings that communicate technical features of design ideas 3 E

Must have access to a computer and be familiar with Zoom. Able to access Google Sketch up through web application. Must have text book Level 1 Design and Visual Communications by Stewart McKissock. Design and Visual communication by Elizabeth McHugh or DVC by Paul Bourdot are also helpful. Must be able to send images to tutor via email or similar. Must involve Deans and / or Parents with their learning. Must meet deadlines and be prepared to do extra to catch-up if required.

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1.00 placement

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2 - 22

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Rangiora New Life School
Rangiora New Life School

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L1

Course Dates

08 Feb 2022

till 24 Nov 2022


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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