L3 Statistics - Full Year - 2022

NCEA L3 Statistics

Course Overview

This course begins with using the Desmos computer software to help graph constraints and find optimal solutions to practical situations, for example the quantities of hand-made and machine-made chocolate required to maximise profit. You will then learn to effectively analyse, display data and structure a report on various types of investigation. This includes using NZGrapher to help make forecasts and find correlations, patterns and trends. In the second semester, the sampling error and uncertainty involved in comparing measurements between two groups are dealt with. This type of analysis is used when trialing a new asthma drug for example. The last unit is a study of how chance and likelyhood are used in practical situations like predicting the weather.

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Malcolm Wilson

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I am from ChCh and have been teaching since 1995. I met my wife, Nicki, in Dunedin where we lived for 8 years. I have also taught at Rudolf Steiner schools in Sydney, Byron Bay and ChCh for over 14 years. I love teaching, surfing, yoga, planting, craft, reading and art. The thing I love most about teaching maths is focusing on the big picture of everyday applications. My lessons comprise of group discussions, individual work, guidance, information and individual feedback. I look forward to working with you should you choose this course.

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Course Details

Gain a greater understanding of how data can be analysed through the statistical enquiry cycle.
Graph, analyse and write a report which answers questions of interest as well as suggesting further ideas for investigation.
Use sophisticated graphing packages.
Solve a range of probability problems involving real life practical situations.

It is strongly recommended that students who choose this course have achieved at least 14 credits in NCEA Level 2 Mathematics and Statistics.
Google Classroom, Zoom
School Year
07 Feb 2022
19 Nov 2022

NCEA Level 3
Standard No * Standard title credit value internal/external
91580 v2 Investigate time series data. 4 I
91581 v2 Investigate bivariate measurement data. 4 I
91582 v2 Use statistical methods to make a formal inference. 4 I
91574 v2 Apply linear programming methods in solving problems. 3 I
91586 v2 Apply probability distributions in solving problems. 4 E

WalkerMaths 3.14 Probability Distributions workbook (approximately $8); A Graphics calculator is a significant advantage for the Probability Distributions

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1.00 placement

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2 - 22


Gabriella 5 Rating

Mr Wilson made online learning feel just like a normal classroom. The course was taught very thoroughly and he provided lots of support. The communication was amazing, I always knew what work to be doing and he provided many resources and practice tasks to do between video calls. When I was stuck or had a question I was able to email him and he would always respond and help me out. I would recommend Mr Wilson and the course to anyone

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East Otago High School
East Otago High School

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L3

Course Dates

07 Feb 2022

till 19 Nov 2022


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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