L2 Digital Technology - Full Year - 2022

This course builds on skills learnt at level one in computer science, programming and web design.

Course Overview

The aim of this course is to build on skills learnt at level one in computer science, programming and web design.

Topics studied include principles of programming, computer science and web design.


As part of this course, learners will develop a conceptual design or develop a prototype through feedback and testing. The topic will be a website, however, those confident with programming may have the opportunity to develop an online app.

The Teacher

Krista Carnihan

0Students 6 Courses

Secondary Teacher

Course Details

Write accurately, debug and improve code to create an outcome.
Use basic design principles and conventions to produce outcomes fit for purpose.
Develop a design for a digital outcome.
Develop a computer programme.

Digital Technology
Zoom VC, Canvas OLE, Google Currents
School Year
11 Feb 2022
18 Nov 2022

NCEA Level 1
Standard No * Standard title credit value internal/external
AS91884 v1 Use basic iterative processes to develop a digital outcome 6 Int
AS91880 v1 Develop a digital media outcome 4 Int
AS91883 v1 Develop a computer program 4 Int
AS91886 v1 Demonstrate understanding of HCI 3 Ext
AS91887 v1 Demonstrate understanding of compression 3 Ext

Personal device for video classes - capable of running Zoom and installing software required by course. Headphones with integral microphone for video conferences. Office 365 Subscription - free when registered by Student's school - installed on personal device.

Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

OR Cost


2 - 15

Offered by

Mount Hutt College
Mount Hutt College

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L1

Course Dates

11 Feb 2022

till 18 Nov 2022


School Year

Taught in


Overall Rating

Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

OR Cost


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